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A gloryhole is a hole, cut between video booths in an adult bookstore, bathroom stall or other type of wall. It is usually placed about where a guy's cock is located if he's standing at the hole. And, it's usually large enough just to accommodate his cock. The way it's used is pretty straight forward. A guy will put his cock through the hole and the person on the other side will have fun with it until he delivers a juicy cum shot.

The most popular use is between gay men on each side of the wall. But, women and couples also love to have sex with cocks at the "hole." Some video booths do not have a hole but, instead, have a wall that is open at the bottom. This space, between the floor and bottom of the wall, can range from a few inches, allowing very little sex action, to a few feet, allowing the occupants to climb right into the next booth if they so desire.

Glory Hole Cum

Other glory holes have doors that do not go from the ceiling to the floor (half doors). These are usually setup to allow the owners and clerks to assure that there is "only one person per booth" -- This is a common requirement of many adult establishments. Some adult bookstores do not even offer doors to the video booths and, consequently, if your gonna expose any vaginal action you won't have any privacy.

The size of video booths varies and can range from huge rooms with a couch, chairs, etc. to very small booths, the size of a typical telephone booth. As noted earlier, most places do not allow more than one woman or guy in a booth at the same time. There are some, however, that actually encourage it by advertising vaginal cumshots and even offer specials to couples or provide special evenings for glory hole cum exchange.

Of course, women and couples attract more cum shooting customers and it's only to the stores advantage to inform customers when they might expect to see a woman or couple will to take some internal action. There are different types of gloryholes and other ways for people to enjoy vaginal cumshots themselves where two booths are next to each other.

For example, many bookstores have replaced the hole with glass. These are usually called "Buddy Booths", and a glass partition with either opaque glass or a curtain separates the two glory hole booths. To turn the glass from opaque to clear, or to raise the curtain, the occupants of each booth (both sides) must press a button. When both buttons are pressed, the occupants of both booths can then see and watch each other as they masterbate and cum. However, there are a few bookstores where the glass opens a little bit, allowing the occupants to have vaginal sex with each other through the equivalent of a gloryhole!

When you enter an adult bookstore that has video booths and is open to glory hole sex , you'll find that most work in the same manner. Usually, there is some type of slot on a control panel that accepts tokens, quarters (very rare nowadays) or paper money in the USA, $1, $5, $10 and $20 denominations. The more money you add, the longer the video will play.

Years ago, these booths would basically have two quarter slots that operated one of two internal movie projectors, which continuously looped. The slot you dropped your quarter in would control which movie played. After a minute or two the movie would stop and more money would be required to start where it left off. You could

Almost all gloryhole sex booths have a light inside/overhead that turns off when the movie starts and then turns back on when your time expires. And, most booths provide an "occupied" light outside the booth. It will light when the movie is playing to let others know that the booth is in use as well as letting clerks know if someone is occupying a booth, watching or not watching a video. More recently, video booths provide two sets of televisions - one for vaginal cum shots and the other for choice... gotta love technology!

Once you are comfortable with the video booth, the controls, how you pay for time, selecting a video, etc., you can then concentrate on the gloryhole. Remember; never hang out in a video booth when your time has expired. You can expect a clerk to knock on your door or yell or just ask you to leave if you are not spending money. After all, these places won't stay in business if you don't spend any money. So, bring a some cash with you... and, if you run out... wack off a cum shot and leave!

Okay, now that you have some video, you're ready to move on to the hole, here is what you can do to "make it happen." If you're a woman and want to please your neighbor, first see if he's interested at all. Of course, there has to be someone on the other side of the wall! But, if there is and you look through the hole and see him touching himself at all, you can let him know you're interested in some vaginal action. A few ways to do this are to squat down and play with yourself so that if he looks down and sees you he will know you are excited as you look back at him.

Or, if you want to be a little more assertive, stick your pussy near the gloryhole, or rub it around the outside of the gloryhole, in clear view, but not protruding into the next booth. If the other person is interested in blasting off a load of cum inside your pussy, that should be enough! You will soon have a cock and cum inside your vagina from the hole for you to enjoy. Otherwise, he may just leave. Do NOT be pushy. Some people are in booths with gloryholes by accident and may not be into it. And, others may just not be interested in cumming inside you at the moment. The worst thing you can do is get too pushy, just relax and you will surely find a playmate and experience some hot vaginal cum shot action.

Gloryhole Cumshots

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